When printing on a wide variety of substrates, the time to find out about a problem is not on press. Inks and coatings have to look right and adhesion must be acceptable, otherwise, the job will fail. Some modern substrates are incredibly expensive and nearly impossible to use. So, how can you tell what will work? The common method is trial and error, but not the one we subscribe to. Here at Tepel Brothers, we like to say that research and development is the art of making the impossible work. We have invested heavily in creating our own testing laboratory and equipped it with the latest testing equipment. One feature of our R&D department is an IST UV Curing System that matches the curing capabilities of our presses. This allows us to produce draw-downs using the actual substrates, inks and coatings specified for your job. An R&D department with systems to alert us to problems that could occur on press, before we ever get to press, is one of the things that makes us different.